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Microchanneling, also called microneedling or skin needling therapy, is the ultimate procedure in skin refinement! With virtually no downtime, Microchanneling is safe for all skin types during any season. It will improve the appearance of virtually every skin imperfection including fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin, thinning skin, sensitive skin, rosacea, acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and uneven texture and skin tone.

This collagen induction therapy (CIT) process creates small channels with fine needles in the epidermis, which stimulates the formation and growth of new skin cells (namely collagen and elastin), and has been proven to increase serum absorption by up to 300%. The sterile, detachable, disposable tool tips we use provide the perfect amount of coverage while reducing any risk of backflow and cross-contamination, two issues reported with older technologies. When paired with our stem-cell based MicroChannel Delivery Serum, the skin is stimulated after skin needling to regenerate stronger and healthier cells than before.

If you are seeking lasting, natural refinement in the appearance of your skin, Microchanneling at The White Magnolia Day Spa is the service for you. As results are cumulative when done in a series of treatments, we recommend at least six treatments in order to see results for up to two years.

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Single Service, Face Only – $175
Single Service, Face and Neck – $200
Single Service, Face, Neck and Décolletage – $225
3 Series Treatment, Face Only – $480
3 Series Treatment, Face and Neck – $540
3 Series Treatment, Face, Neck and Décolletage – $600
6 Series Treatment, Face Only – $870
6 Series Treatment, Face and Neck – $990
6 Series Treatment, Face, Neck and Décolletage – $1,125
Procell Stem Cell Serum – $35

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