About US

Cindy Tusa | White Magnolia Day Spa in Fort Collins COThe White Magnolia Day Spa in Fort Collins was born out of the desire to create an authentic, individualized spa experience for everyone. Our owner, Cindy Tusa, has infused her Mississippi heritage and love of Southern hospitality into The White Magnolia to ensure every guest receives exceptional services.

With a healthy mind, body, and spirit for all as our goal, we recognize that no two individuals are alike and each may take a different path to reach that goal. Sometimes we all need to relax, revive, and/or refine who we are; therefore, the journey to a more balanced life should reflect each individual in a particular time and space. It is our intent to listen to our clients, truly hear their needs, and provide the best possible spa experience we can to achieve their goals.

We hope you find our day spa to be sophisticated, yet comfortable, and a place you’ll want to return to again and again. Your glass of sweet tea is ready.